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nilsinside revolution

Revolution Energy Converter - the REC

What is this Revolutionary news about?

nilsinside AB is an innovative technology company developing a powerful sustainable motor – the Revolution Energy Converter (REC) - which can transform low temperature gradients into power and has a wide range of applications.
This heat engine is an extremely efficient emission-free energy converter that we believe will change the way communities and businesses internationally generate cheap and clean energy.

External heat engines have never been built in this way before. Based on a totally new heat engine technology that builds on established knowledge in heat transfer and thermodynamics controlled by computer logics, it is difficult to compare the REC with existing technology.
The concept is simple – a highly scalable, low cost, zero carbon engine that makes the REC an outstanding competitive solution.

Awesome applications

The REC is a brand-new technology which has the potential to replace today's polluting combustion engines. We believe that the REC – and its many applications – has a multi £million market potential globally.
Key applications include: industrial waste heat to energy applications, cheap clean high power energy generators which can deliver continuous off-grid electric and/or mechanical work, innovative technology applications within the transport sector and the battery sector. Other application fields include solar motors, geothermal motors, raw methane motors, etc.

Where there are high temperature differences (when burning raw methane gas, for example), the REC can be made small and compact, a suitable engine for powering transport in general (car, buss, truck, train etc.).

The REC Solar-Air hybride car is an emissionfree concept with a compact high energy REC.
At lower temperature differences, like waste heat recovery or solar heat, the REC may be built in very large stationary units with a larger volume and piston area, still able to deliver great power (e.g. power plants for electricity) but from a low temperature difference.
The REC innovation will drastically help to reach many of the UN global climate goals. The REC is incentivising an affordable clean energy revolution solving climate change and driving economic growth through industry innovation.

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