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Inside GREC Physical Lab Model version 2

This physical “reality” Lab Model version 2 with its parallel computer 3D “simulations” geometric model will enable us to tune the pulsating heat transfer inside the Green Revolution Energy Converter (GREC) and also to get proper dimensions for different scenarios and to be able to evaluate and adapt all future Green Revolution Energy Thermal Applications awaiting to generate energy.

Losening and removing the 16 peripherical nuts and bolts allows you to separate and remove the upper end plate of the GREC Lab Model ver 2. The upper end plate is integrated with the upper heat conducting fins and also the first layer of system boundary shells.
With the upper end plate module taken away you have access to the doubble disk Revolving Shutter having quarter Work Generating Volume cut outs.
Its also possible to slide out the paired middle fins between the Revolving Shutter disks. Each pair of middle fins contains a conducting and an insulating fin with thermistors to measure and log mean temperature development during experimental runs.
The aim of the GREC design is to study the limits of the concept. The GREC would, of course, have looked totally different if we would have built a power production prototype, but there are still many variables to study before starting building adapted application prototypes.