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Theoretical Proof Of Concept For The Green Revolution Energy Converter

GREC LabModel v2 in Linköping for Greta
The GREC project group at Linköping University top row from left to right:
Oscar Magnusson, Gustav Edholm, Markus Eriksson
Bottom from left to right: Lukas Haglund, John Malmdal

Development of a mathematical model, material analysis and physical model improvments


The possibilities of the GREC concept are wide and could revolutionize the heat engine perspective for future appliances. With the incentive for an affordable and clean green energy source, the GREC’s heat transfer technology could be an opportunity regarding both economic growth and tackling climate change, presenting solutions to unanswered climate questions. The GREC could be used worldwide. Its use range from appliances in the industry sector to geothermal motors or in the process of energy storing. It could also be utilized in our everyday life within the transport sector (eg. bus-transportation). By using the GREC technology you can produce renewable energy without the dangerous substances that all heat engines use today. With all these possibilities in mind the interest of GREC’s green technology enormous potential regarding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Consequently the GREC could be seen as the replacement of the existing polluting non-renewable heat engines.


The primary objective in this project is to carry the overall GREC-project forward by verifying the fundamental aspects of which the GREC-concept relies on. The primary objective can be divided into the following sub-objectives:

Questions to be anwered


In order to complete the objectives and therefor moving the GREC concept towards the aim of the study, some limitations have been adopted both before the start as well as during the experiments. The limitations are as follows:

Link to the official publication - Theoretical Proof Of Concept For The Green Revolution Energy Converter - in pdf format: Development_Of_The_Green_Revolution_Energy_Converter.pdf