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GREC Theory Presentation By Sophia Karlberg, CEO nilsinside AB

Welcome to a Technical presentation of the Green Revolution Energy Converter, called GREC.

This scematic Carnot diagram shows the GREC in a general Thermal Application setup between a Hot Storage, Th, to the left and a cool storage Tc to the right. The GREC is the circle in the middle.
Its a closed system with a moving boundary to generate mechanical work, W. The GREC is connected with its thermal storages by heat exchangers marked Qh and Qc.

An electric motor is turning a "Revolving Shutter" that contains a pizza sliced "Work Generating Volume" of gas.
When the gas revolves between the hot and and the cool side it generates pressure pulses by repetedly
- heating up, turning red, and
- cooling down, turning blue.
These pressure variations produce mechanical work that generates significantly more power than the electric motor consumes.

Thats how exsisting theory explains the GREC.
In reality you get this to work by closing and sealing the system with
- endplates,
- fins
-and boundary shells.
So lets start by putting the bottom endplate in place and add the conducting fins on the hot and the cool side that transfers the heat to and from the revolving work generating volume of the revolving shutter.
The aim of the GREC design is to study the limits of the concept. The GREC would, of course, have looked totally different if we would have built a power production prototype, but there are still many variables to study before starting building adapted application prototypes.