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Cutting of counterweight holes in the Revolving Shutter

Revolving Shutter for REC V2
To balance the Revolving Shutter for a smoother operation we needed to cut holes and to fill them with heavy led counterweights.
This picture shows the two disks carrying the Work Generating Volume (VGW). This GREC LAB-Model v.2 has two layers, so these two disks with their quarter openings build up one Work Generating Volume. They are displayed on top of the mid layer fins placed on the endplate on the granite assembly table. The Work Generating Volume (WGV) is the sum of the big quarter openings of each disk. To compensate for the material taken away from the quarter openings of the Work Generating Volume (WGV) we will fill the symetrically machined holes on each side of the quarter openings with led.