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Green Revolution Energy Converter Experimental Solar Setup

GREC V2 Experimental Solar Setup

A forced GREC LabModel experiment initiated by the beautiful weather. This picture shows the complete LabModel ver.2 system in a solar setup by the fountain just across FabLab in Brassac. The setup was aimed to verify the heat transfer:
- from the sun to the solar vacuum tubes -
- from the top of the tubes to the Green Revolution Energy Converter hotside conducting fins -
- from the hot side conducting fin surfaces into the "Work Generating Volume" of the internal "Revolving Shutter" -
The Revolving Shutter is turned by a logical controled stepper motor moving the thin sliced Work Generating Volume from the warm surfaces over to the cooler side and the heat transfer continues
- from the Revolving Shutter Work Generating Volume to the cool side conducting fin surfaces -
- from the GREC cool-side conducting fins into the even cooler spring water (cold sink). -
By now one portion of heat is transported in, through and out of the GREC LabModel system by the stepper motor operated revolving Work Generating Volume. The Work Generating Volume keeps on turning and passes over to the hot side conducting fin surfaces again, to recharge another load of heat to transport. The revolving heat transfer continues
While the Work Generating Volume changes in temperature the pressure changes and produces energy towards a moving boundary, like a piston.
GREC V2 Experimental Solar Setup
The application setup was successful and the heat transfer worked but unfortunately humidity leaked into the suposedly closed system (flaw) and also upsetting the electronics that was supposed to report and log the internal temperatures of the LabModel. If the system would have been truly closed we would have got a pressure log as well. The collected data was useless. The electrical stepper motor controlling the Work Generating Volume of the Revolving Shutter had to be unmounted (the picture shows a hex key instead of the stepper motor). We will cleen up the internals and try again.
Think like this: - Heat always travel naturally from hotter to cooler.
- Cold never travels, it just consumes heat to get warmer. The more heat it eats the less cool it gets
- Heat energy is the warm flow from the warmer to the cooler. (There is never a cold flow. When you feel you are getting cold it because the warmth is leaving you. It's not the cold entering your body, it never ever does, it is your enegy flowing away. Put a coat on to prevent the flow!)