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Presicion Gluing of the Boundary Shell Elements

Shell Boundary for GREC V2
Finally we had to develop our own glue to build a gas tight boundary for the Green Revolution Energy Converter (GREC) Work Generating Volume (WGV). Each layer boundary is built of machined parts called Shells. Shells on the warm and cold conducting sides are in aluminium and are glued with our own heat conducting glue. Shells on the neutral insulating sides (nil-sides) are glued with silicon glue. We use the granite table so we are able to measure the hight of the shell layer with heigh precision.
Bernard and Bernard are distributing the heat conducting glue evenly on the conducting fin peripheral surfaces and putting the conducting shells in place before application of soft silicone glue on the insulating nil-shells. With all shell parts in place we use a granite stone with a precision press surface to set the correct thickness of the full circle of the shell boundary.